rainbow hair

Transforming Into A Unicorn


One of the hottest trends right now on the internet is unicorn hair. So what exactly is “unicorn hair”? It’s hair colors that are inspired by these magical & mythical creatures, it can range from pastel colors to bright neon colors. Basically, any non-natural color, the more colorful, the better. Whether you might or might not get it yourself, it’s a fact that everybody can admire staring onto a photo of someone with rainbow hair colors. Actually, you’ll probably get stopped a ton with compliments and questions about who did your hair iif you are bold enough to rock something like this, but with hair this intrigant comes a price. Here are some things you should keep in mind before being diving right into it:

Photo by   Vitória Santos   from   Pexels


This might be one of the highest maintenance things you can possibly do to your hair. Most fashion color dyes are semi-permanent in case you don’t want to commit to a color like seafoam green hair and realistically speaking, most that does this type of work to their hair usually likes to constantly change it up also, but it also means that the color fades really quickly since it’s a semi-permanent dye. Even if it wasn’t, unnatural hair color usually don’t stick onto hair that long anyways because of the different molecules. With each shampoo, you’ll notice it constantly fading. That’s why it’s recommended that you wash with cold water or shampoo less by using dry shampoo in between. The only problem is that it’s cold 80% of the time in Seattle and if you have oily hair like me, it’s mandatory to not skip too much days in between to shampoo. So if that’s going to be a struggle for you, don’t do it.     

Also, if you ever changed your mind and decides to change it up, you’ll either need to just grow it all out or color it dark to cover it up.

Photo by   Pixabay   from   Pexels

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


This is a fairly time consuming service, especially if you have dark hair because you’ll need to bleach your hair out to the right lightness level before putting on the color you want. Even if you have blonde hair, it might not be the right shade of blonde that will take in the color. With more complicated techniques if you want more than one color or multiple colors melting onto each other, it’s most likely you have to go see a professional to do precise work and since this is such a time consuming service, it won’t be cheap. It can range anywhere to $200-1000 depending on where you go & the complications that goes with it. I don’t recommend anybody bleaching their hair at home, if you are on a budget, it’s better to go to a professional to bleach your hair for you and then do the fashion color part at home, it’s not too complicated if you just stick to one color. But if it’s many, many color, it’s better to have another person do it especially when it comes time to retouch the roots and match each color to it’s placement.


Damage to material possession

Say bye to white towels, bed sheets, pillow cases. Your white shower might even stain if you’re not careful. Even your cute, fluffy white Maltese puppy might suffer, but that’s ok, they can match with you!

Photo by   Quốc Bảo   from   Pexels

Photo by Quốc Bảo from Pexels

If you’ve gone pass through these warnings and still decide that it’s something you want to try whether it’s a one time thing or on-going journey, congratulations, that means you’re probably super duper cool. Some of our clients that typically get this service are either inspired by anime and wants to look like a live anime character, wants to have fun before entering corporate life, has a flexible job that embraces individuality, is going through life’s toughest and wants to experience this as a bucket list item, or simply just likes the look and don’t care what anyone else thinks of you. You can contact us to consult what you have in mind, we are excited to work on this project with you!