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Black To Blonde At Home


Going from black to platinum blonde is not an easy process, it’s extremely time consuming which is why it cost a premium. Bleach also slowly loses it’s strength after a certain amount of time especially when it dries up so you have to continue to reapply to keep everything saturated which ends up using a whole ton of product. I don’t recommend anybody to color your hair at home, I mean, if you successfully achieved the color you want, then fine. But for god’s sake, please DO NOT bleach your hair at home. It might seem like a good idea to try to save some money, but not when it’s going to end up costing you more to have to go to a salon to fix it and maybe get a haircut much shorter than anticipated because your hair broke off from over-processing the bleach. 

Worse case scenario: Serious hair damage

You can end up severely burning your scalp or break off your hair!!! There’s different strengths of bleach too, if you use one that’s not strong enough, it won’t get you light enough to the color you want. If you use one that’s too strong, it can be too much for your hair to handle. Even if your hair doesn’t fall off, you’ll end up with hair that looks and feels like straw. 

Best case scenario: Orange hair or uneven patches of color

How many times have you seen someone with orange hair, like not even the nice natural red head orange hair, but the unattractive brassy oompa loopa orange that you just knew it was an accident. The short and simple answer to explain for people that don’t professionally do hair which nobody can blame one that doesn’t study it to know, is that the bleach wasn’t left long enough. You need to leave it long enough to reach yellow, but even when it lifts to yellow, it doesn’t magically turn blonde, you need to use another color to tone it to the exact shade of blonde you want. The hair needs to be light enough to be able for the toner to work. It’s a bit of a tricky process because your hair might look light enough with the white bleach over it, but when you rinse it out, it will be totally a different color than wanted. 

Bleach is not the same consistency as a regular color, you need to take super duper small sections to make sure every strand is covered. There’s no way for you to just slap some bleach on your head and comb it out evenly, especially when you can’t see the back of your head. Even if you manage to use a mirror to see the back of your head, bleach starts working it’s power right away and you might not be able to apply it fast enough for it to all be process even. A professional will also know to avoid applying 1 inch away from the scalp initially because if you apply from roots to ends, the naturally heat from your scalp will actually process it faster and you’ll end up with roots that are lighter than the rest of your hair. 

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