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Thao's Hair Care Routine

Photo by  Victoria Lemos

I’ve been asked a lot about how I take care of my long hair and how much actual time goes into it, because I definitely don’t wake up everyday with nice hair, but you’d be surprised that it actually isn’t as time-consuming as you would think. I value my time a whole lot and if it doesn’t brings me joy, there’s no time for it. My hair is one of my priorities, because if I look good, I’ll feel good and go on to having a good day and that positive energy carries on to other people. It’s part of self-care, even if I’m not going to see anybody.


I don’t color my hair because I don’t have too much grey hair yet, and I’ve tried every single hair color possible before from brown/blonde to the fashion colors like purple/blue/pink, that keeping my hair natural black hair is something new to try for me so there’s no up keep on the coloring part. But my hair is frizzy, so I get the Brazilian Blowout treatment once or twice a year to tame the frizzes down. I get a tiny, tiny trim on my ends maybe 3 times a year to keep the ends from splitting so it can grow healthier. Hair grows about half an inch a month, so about 6 inches a year, I don’t trim too much off because there’s no point in growing it if you cut too much off. 

I also take vitamins like the gummy biotin that is good for hair, skin, & nails. I like to keep my hair long, the vitamin helps it grow faster. The only downside is that I have to shave my legs & armpits way more often because all the hair grows, not just the hair on my head, lol. 

Daily routine

I wash my hair every single day with shampoo & conditioner. There’s a myth that it’s bad to wash your hair every single day, but that’s only if you’re washing with bad shampoo. My hair gets way too oily if I don’t shampoo daily. I use the Korean shampoo & lavender conditioner that we have at the salon. The shampoo is organic & the conditioner is the most moisturizing conditioner out there in the market. 

I use the Wet Brush that has super soft bristles to brush out my hair when it’s wet, it’s able to get all the tangles out effortless without hurting my head either. I leave my hair wrapped up in a towel while I do my make-up so in the meantime I’m getting something done while the towel is soaking up al the excess water making it way quicker when it’s time to blow dry my hair since it will be only half-way damp. I spray the Bumble & Bumble invisible oil onto my hair before blow drying to protect my hair from the heat. 

When my hair is completely dry, if I’m going to wear it curly, I spray Oribe dry texture spray to give my hair texture to be able to hold a curl since it’s naturally really soft & fine. I finish with a little bit of AeroGel hairspray. 

If I’m going to wear it straight, I spray the AG firewall spray, it makes it super smooth to run the flat iron through while protecting it from the heat.

Total morning routine with brushing teeth, skincare, shower, meditation, make up, hair=1 hour