Transforming Into A Unicorn


One of the hottest trends right now on the internet is unicorn hair. So what exactly is “unicorn hair”? It’s hair colors that are inspired by these magical & mythical creatures, it can range from pastel colors to bright neon colors. Basically, any non-natural color, the more colorful, the better. Whether you might or might not get it yourself, it’s a fact that everybody can admire staring onto a photo of someone with rainbow hair colors. Actually, you’ll probably get stopped a ton with compliments and questions about who did your hair iif you are bold enough to rock something like this, but with hair this intrigant comes a price. Here are some things you should keep in mind before being diving right into it:

Photo by   Vitória Santos   from   Pexels


This might be one of the highest maintenance things you can possibly do to your hair. Most fashion color dyes are semi-permanent in case you don’t want to commit to a color like seafoam green hair and realistically speaking, most that does this type of work to their hair usually likes to constantly change it up also, but it also means that the color fades really quickly since it’s a semi-permanent dye. Even if it wasn’t, unnatural hair color usually don’t stick onto hair that long anyways because of the different molecules. With each shampoo, you’ll notice it constantly fading. That’s why it’s recommended that you wash with cold water or shampoo less by using dry shampoo in between. The only problem is that it’s cold 80% of the time in Seattle and if you have oily hair like me, it’s mandatory to not skip too much days in between to shampoo. So if that’s going to be a struggle for you, don’t do it.     

Also, if you ever changed your mind and decides to change it up, you’ll either need to just grow it all out or color it dark to cover it up.

Photo by   Pixabay   from   Pexels

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


This is a fairly time consuming service, especially if you have dark hair because you’ll need to bleach your hair out to the right lightness level before putting on the color you want. Even if you have blonde hair, it might not be the right shade of blonde that will take in the color. With more complicated techniques if you want more than one color or multiple colors melting onto each other, it’s most likely you have to go see a professional to do precise work and since this is such a time consuming service, it won’t be cheap. It can range anywhere to $200-1000 depending on where you go & the complications that goes with it. I don’t recommend anybody bleaching their hair at home, if you are on a budget, it’s better to go to a professional to bleach your hair for you and then do the fashion color part at home, it’s not too complicated if you just stick to one color. But if it’s many, many color, it’s better to have another person do it especially when it comes time to retouch the roots and match each color to it’s placement.


Damage to material possession

Say bye to white towels, bed sheets, pillow cases. Your white shower might even stain if you’re not careful. Even your cute, fluffy white Maltese puppy might suffer, but that’s ok, they can match with you!

Photo by   Quốc Bảo   from   Pexels

Photo by Quốc Bảo from Pexels

If you’ve gone pass through these warnings and still decide that it’s something you want to try whether it’s a one time thing or on-going journey, congratulations, that means you’re probably super duper cool. Some of our clients that typically get this service are either inspired by anime and wants to look like a live anime character, wants to have fun before entering corporate life, has a flexible job that embraces individuality, is going through life’s toughest and wants to experience this as a bucket list item, or simply just likes the look and don’t care what anyone else thinks of you. You can contact us to consult what you have in mind, we are excited to work on this project with you!

Thao's Hair Care Routine

Photo by  Victoria Lemos

I’ve been asked a lot about how I take care of my long hair and how much actual time goes into it, because I definitely don’t wake up everyday with nice hair, but you’d be surprised that it actually isn’t as time-consuming as you would think. I value my time a whole lot and if it doesn’t brings me joy, there’s no time for it. My hair is one of my priorities, because if I look good, I’ll feel good and go on to having a good day and that positive energy carries on to other people. It’s part of self-care, even if I’m not going to see anybody.


I don’t color my hair because I don’t have too much grey hair yet, and I’ve tried every single hair color possible before from brown/blonde to the fashion colors like purple/blue/pink, that keeping my hair natural black hair is something new to try for me so there’s no up keep on the coloring part. But my hair is frizzy, so I get the Brazilian Blowout treatment once or twice a year to tame the frizzes down. I get a tiny, tiny trim on my ends maybe 3 times a year to keep the ends from splitting so it can grow healthier. Hair grows about half an inch a month, so about 6 inches a year, I don’t trim too much off because there’s no point in growing it if you cut too much off. 

I also take vitamins like the gummy biotin that is good for hair, skin, & nails. I like to keep my hair long, the vitamin helps it grow faster. The only downside is that I have to shave my legs & armpits way more often because all the hair grows, not just the hair on my head, lol. 

Daily routine

I wash my hair every single day with shampoo & conditioner. There’s a myth that it’s bad to wash your hair every single day, but that’s only if you’re washing with bad shampoo. My hair gets way too oily if I don’t shampoo daily. I use the Korean shampoo & lavender conditioner that we have at the salon. The shampoo is organic & the conditioner is the most moisturizing conditioner out there in the market. 

I use the Wet Brush that has super soft bristles to brush out my hair when it’s wet, it’s able to get all the tangles out effortless without hurting my head either. I leave my hair wrapped up in a towel while I do my make-up so in the meantime I’m getting something done while the towel is soaking up al the excess water making it way quicker when it’s time to blow dry my hair since it will be only half-way damp. I spray the Bumble & Bumble invisible oil onto my hair before blow drying to protect my hair from the heat. 

When my hair is completely dry, if I’m going to wear it curly, I spray Oribe dry texture spray to give my hair texture to be able to hold a curl since it’s naturally really soft & fine. I finish with a little bit of AeroGel hairspray. 

If I’m going to wear it straight, I spray the AG firewall spray, it makes it super smooth to run the flat iron through while protecting it from the heat.

Total morning routine with brushing teeth, skincare, shower, meditation, make up, hair=1 hour              

Black To Blonde At Home


Going from black to platinum blonde is not an easy process, it’s extremely time consuming which is why it cost a premium. Bleach also slowly loses it’s strength after a certain amount of time especially when it dries up so you have to continue to reapply to keep everything saturated which ends up using a whole ton of product. I don’t recommend anybody to color your hair at home, I mean, if you successfully achieved the color you want, then fine. But for god’s sake, please DO NOT bleach your hair at home. It might seem like a good idea to try to save some money, but not when it’s going to end up costing you more to have to go to a salon to fix it and maybe get a haircut much shorter than anticipated because your hair broke off from over-processing the bleach. 

Worse case scenario: Serious hair damage

You can end up severely burning your scalp or break off your hair!!! There’s different strengths of bleach too, if you use one that’s not strong enough, it won’t get you light enough to the color you want. If you use one that’s too strong, it can be too much for your hair to handle. Even if your hair doesn’t fall off, you’ll end up with hair that looks and feels like straw. 

Best case scenario: Orange hair or uneven patches of color

How many times have you seen someone with orange hair, like not even the nice natural red head orange hair, but the unattractive brassy oompa loopa orange that you just knew it was an accident. The short and simple answer to explain for people that don’t professionally do hair which nobody can blame one that doesn’t study it to know, is that the bleach wasn’t left long enough. You need to leave it long enough to reach yellow, but even when it lifts to yellow, it doesn’t magically turn blonde, you need to use another color to tone it to the exact shade of blonde you want. The hair needs to be light enough to be able for the toner to work. It’s a bit of a tricky process because your hair might look light enough with the white bleach over it, but when you rinse it out, it will be totally a different color than wanted. 

Bleach is not the same consistency as a regular color, you need to take super duper small sections to make sure every strand is covered. There’s no way for you to just slap some bleach on your head and comb it out evenly, especially when you can’t see the back of your head. Even if you manage to use a mirror to see the back of your head, bleach starts working it’s power right away and you might not be able to apply it fast enough for it to all be process even. A professional will also know to avoid applying 1 inch away from the scalp initially because if you apply from roots to ends, the naturally heat from your scalp will actually process it faster and you’ll end up with roots that are lighter than the rest of your hair. 

If you have any horror hair stories in the past, please email us so we can feature it in the future. Your story will help inspire & educate others:)

How To Take Care Of Your Hair If You're A Swimmer

Photo by   Dexon Dave Silva   from   Pexels

With summer coming up, I know you’re excited to jump in the water, especially in Seattle where warm weather only exists 2 months out of the year and with it not being officially summer until July 5th. Almost 100% of public pools have chlorine in them, making it sanitary for you to swim in it, but making it tough for your hair’s health. I can tell whenever I have a swimmer coming in, their hair is significantly tougher to comb/brush out since the chlorine leaves in feel gritty and sometimes even leave it permanently with that distinctive chlorine smell. The beach’s water isn’t any much better, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we don’t have “real” beaches here in Seattle, I mean come on Coulon’s water is brown!!! Those amazing photo with beach babes having sun-kiss skin and natural effortless wavy hair are exactly just a photo, it’s far more from the truth of what pool or beach water does to your hair. If you’re bleach blonde, chlorine will turn your hair green. If you’re not bleach blonde, but still color your hair, it does fade faster. If you don’t do anything to your hair, your beautiful locks will not be as soft anymore. I don’t discourage anybody to avoid swimming especially if you do it competitively, but here’s some tips to take care of your hair if you will be taking the swimming route:    

Wear a leave-in conditioner or oil

Using either will act like a barrier for your hair so when it’s time to rinse off after swimming, it will wash off more smoothly

Wear a cap

 I know it’s dorky and uncomfortable seeing all your hair pulled back, but wearing a cap almost completely block out anything that comes to contact with it. You’ll still be able to hang out by the pool/beach and take plenty of cute photos, but when you decide to get down and in the water, it would be ideal to put on the cap. 

Tie your hair or leave it in a braid

 If you absolutely hate the idea of putting on a cap since you don’t even swim that often for there to be long term effects which to be honest, I don’t like the look of it

Brush out your hair immediately after swimming

Ideally wash or shower as soon as possible to get rid of the chlorine in your hair and not leave too much time for it to penetrate in, if not possible than at least brush your hair until you have access to a shower so it will be less brutal to brush out later and not ripe too much of your hair out since you won’t need to be as aggressive with it.

Clarify shampoo at least once a week

A clarifying shampoo is a special shampoo that shouldn’t be used daily because it takes out the beneficial natural oils, but should be used from time to time because it’s purpose is to remove residuals or build-ups from your hair to really cleanse it deep in. Once a week should be good enough for religious swimmers. Once a month if you’re seasonally hitting the pool/beach just for the short summer.

Hope you find this article relevant and helpful, please feel free to consult with any of our stylists if any other questions ever come up:) In the meantime, please enjoy the nice weather we are having!