"Your hair is 90% of your selfies" - a wise person



Story time.

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Lotte Hair Salon is conveniently off I-90 & 405 in busy Factoria area of Bellevue.

We're going to get straight to the point because we know you couldn't care less what century we were established, how many unheard awards we received, or any of that boring stuff. We do hair & we do it well. Fades, haircuts, color, men’s perm, straight name it. Men, women, kids, & sometimes robots. We want you to be able to be yourself & find a style that suits your awesome personality. We don't pretend like we are some prestigious hair god, especially like most places on the Eastside; we just want to rock out some great hair, rescue some dogs, & make lots of people happy. Oh yeah, your furry friend is welcome to tag along with you and hang out because they're family too & we serve complimentary wine/beer/Vietnamese coffee/energy drinks/etc with every visit to keep you awake and entertained.

Love you & have a damn good hair day!








(425) 562-4768



12816 Se 38th St Suite E
Bellevue, WA 98006



mon-fri 10am-8pm






"Teamwork makes the dream work"



Hair Stylist

To book an appointment with Mindy, please call the salon at (425)562-4768 or text/call her at (425)442-0754.


Thick/coarse hair for both men & women, 2-block haircuts, pixie cut, bobs, long layered hair, body wave perms, pretty much anything.

How did you got in the hair industry?

"When I first move to America in the 1990's, I worked at a bakery making $4 an hour in Houston that was across from a high end hair salon and always saw everybody walking out with amazing hair. I got inspired and knew I wanted to be a part of that industry where I get to bring beauty to the world.

I was motivated to get out of my bakery job where the owner took advantage of illegally paying me a very low wage under the table and made me do whatever dirty work she wasn't willing to do herself knowing that I can't find a job anywhere else with my lack of English at that time. I work hard to attend cosmetology school and as soon as I received my license to do hair, I said bye to my ex-husband and left to Seattle to be closer to my family and pursue my career.

It was very hard time looking for anywhere to take me in as a hair stylist since my English wasn't good at the time, but I was determined to not give up. It has been over 20 years since I've been in the industry and I will continue to share my craft with my wonderful clients because they are like family to me by now. I feel very happy to see my clients and listen to their stories.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

Exercise, movies, cooking, and some shopping.



Hair Stylist

To book an appointment with Thao, please text her at (425)598-5673. You can also book online by clicking the button below.

Work Instagram: @nguyenninghair


Men's clipper haircuts, fades, fantasy color, & permanent hair straightening.

Years of experience

Licensed since 2012

How did you got in the hair industry/business?

“I was about 10 when my dad left us with nothing, it wasn’t until I was a bit older to understand that he wasn’t interested in coming back. This leaves me growing up biter with a single mother and 2 younger siblings. By the time I was legal to work, I took that opportunity and juggled between 2 jobs while I was in high school to save for my future because I realized 2 things; I was broke, and nobody was going to come save me. I never went to college because I didn’t have the funds for it, but I’m thankful for everything that happened in my life because in that dark time was when I found the hair industry and the true happiness that it brought me to be able to pass on love and joy to other people. The type of clients I’ve built are the best people in the world, but I still never found a perfect place to serve them so I knew I had to create it. In just 4 years of working extra hard (70-100 hours a week), I was able to have my vision come true here at Lotte Hair Salon.

Even though the Seattle area is progressive compared to the rest of the country, we still live in a time where there’s still discrimination against women and minorities in the workforce so I hope to lead a good example to inspire others to strive for success regardless of their circumstances. My goal for the future includes starting a charity one day to fund children from 3rd world countries to come here to go to school for maximum opportunity in America and build an empire of strong innovative leaders. And to help more rescued dogs, they’re the cutest! Thank you for all your support and believing in me all these years.”

Zodiac Sign

Taurus; Hardworking, ambitious, independent, persistent, generous, practical, but hardheaded, stubborn, and vain.


When Thao is not working or writing online biographies about herself in third person, she likes read either non-fiction self help/personal finance books or Manga, watches Anime, go dancing, driving, cuddle with her dog, learning how to golf, getting more tattoos, and also finding new places to eat so she can recommend her clients to try.

Favorite thing about her work

Definitely her clients and the positive energy that they bring! She looks forward to waking up each morning to serve and make her clients happy. Her collection of plants on her station somehow keep dying, but her appreciate for your business won’t.

eevee tongue.png


Marketing Director/CEO/Nap expert

Hello, my name is Eevee. I am a 15 year old Shih Tzu, I was abandon when I was 12 years old, luckily Emerald City Pet Rescue saved me from a high kill shelter in San Diego and my mommy, Thao found me. I tolerate all the ridiculous outfits that mom likes to dress me in only because she feed me yummy treats and love me very much. I know she works hard to give me a better life so I try to do my part and help her as much as I can at the salon by being cute to clients when I'm not busy napping.

Instagram: @ihearteevee

Favorite treat

Rotisserie chicken & turkey wrapped peanut-butter biscuit

So does your mom cut your hair too?

No, I get groom at Posh Pet in Bellevue.



Store Manager

"I was born in Eastern Washington in a little town called Pasco and that's where I got my name from. I had to leave my family behind and travel to Seattle to meet my adopted mom, Mindy. I didn't know what was going on so I hid under the bed everyday when I still fit there. I slowly opened up to Mindy because she show me unconditional love even when I kept biting her designer shoes when I was a puppy and curious. I am fortunate to get spoiled by everybody in the family since I'm the first dog.

Time went by really fast and I developed cataract eye problem by age 8. Mindy didn't gave up on me and spent all her savings for me to get surgery so I don't go blind. I am 12 years old now and can still see because of her working 7 days a week to provide a great life for me so I come to the salon and help out as much as I can. I may not be as energetic as I was when I was younger, but I still love Mindy very much"


Shih Tzu, 13 years old


Men's Design


Japanese thermal Relaxer/Brazilian blowout

Curly to permanently Straight

Bleached Hair

Brunette Hair Color

Dark Hair


Long Hair

Fantasy Color

For more photos, please go to our Instagram: @lottehairsalon

Hashtag #lottehairsalon for a chance to get featured on our page:)


Why do I need to invest in good hair?

People with better hair have a higher chance in succeeding in life because they have a higher self esteem and confidence to be able to accomplish anything they want to strive for. Plus it doesn't hurt to look good;) 

Do I need to make an appointment?

We accept walk-ins IF there is time, but an appointment guaranteed your time slot if you have a busy schedule and need to get in & out at a specific time. If we're busy and there's a bit of a wait time, you'll be provided booze(21 & over) to make your wait easier or we can keep your spot in line while you hang around in this area.. People make appointments because they like to not feel rushed seeing an assembly line in the lobby, we do the best we can to accommodate every beautiful human beings, but someone with an appointment will get first priority because it's only fair. It's really easy to set an appointment even if it's last minute; you can call, text, or book online. You're always welcome to stop in with food, coffee, gifts or to say hi though:) 

Is there parking?

Yes! Plenty also, we're located in a shopping plaza with a big private lot that's easily accessible no matter what direction of the intersection you're coming from. There is no limit on how long you park. In an extremely rare situation if there's no parking available, there's always parking at Factoria Mall right across the street or street parking on top of the hill where the apartments are at.

Method of payment?

Lotte Hair Salon accepts all credit/debit cards & of course cash. Sorry, no checks, it's 2018 already xD Private contractor that lease a chair here may have their own method of payment that they accept, please consult   

Is this a Korean salon?

This is an everybody salon, we never claimed to be a "Korean" salon or have Korean stylists. Because of the demographic in this neighborhood we just happen to serve and perform a lot of Korean inspired trends and styles, but that's only 10% of what we are able to do. We serve people of all race and nationality.. Racist comments, bullying, and requests will not be tolerated because we share equal love to everybody. We'll refer you to another place if you absolutely will not accept being service by someone who is not the same ethnicity as you. 

What's the difference between a Brazilian Blowout & a Japanese Relaxer?

Both service can get curly/wavy/frizzy hair straight. Japanese Relaxer consist of a stronger solution that has chemicals in it to turn any type of curl permanently straight, it lasts about a year and over. Brazilian Blowout doesn't lasts as long (3-6 months) because it's a semi-permanent service, but it's a great alternative to the relaxer because it's an all natural product with no chemicals in it meaning if your hair has any sort of bleach or highlights, you'll still have the option to have beautiful, straight shiny hair with a Brazilian Blowout where the Japanese Relaxer can only be applied to virgin or lightly colored hair due to being cautious of different chemicals overlapping. We are still able to achieve straight hair with Brazilian Blowouts by sealing a liquid keratin onto the hair with a flat iron. Keratin is a conditioning agent so you don't necessary have to have curly/wavy hair to get a Brazilian Blowout, a lot of people with damaging or dry hair also use it to bring life back to their hair because it can perform as an intense deep conditioning service.

Please consult with your stylist which service would be better for you:)

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us for any other concerns/questions:)


Booth Rental

We welcome stylists/estheticians with their own clientele that are interested in leasing a chair or room to contact us whether it's part or full time. We're confident to say that you won't find a salon that's more beautiful, professional, and laid back in the area than our salon. Your clients will absolutely enjoy their experience here with:

  • ready to go liquor license that enables you to serve your clients alcohol
  • bakery and deli right next door to easily grab your clients food
  • private parking lot that's free with no time limit
  • .amazing/convenient location right off the freeway in a lively district
  • hot towel machine
  • comfortable lay down shampoo chairs
  • free wi-fi
  • reasonable cell phone reception being located in front of T-Mobile
  • modern music so nobody falls asleep

All booth rentals must provide proof of insurance and license. 

For inquiry or questions, please call salon at (425)562-4768 or email


Because we're a locally owned salon and have less overhead than your typical cooperate chain, we're able to provide a higher commission rate to the right stylists to keep them happy and survive in Seattle's economy. Those that are passionate about their craft, willing to work hard, and driven to succeed will do very well as this salon has a high reputation and is located in a high traffic area with opportunities. Experience preferred, but will train the right candidate.  

Benefits include, but is not limited to:

  • Competitive commission
  • Drama free and absolutely warm, fun, and friendly working environment
  • Owner will occasionally provide meals if they have time to cook
  • Surrounded by successful local stylists that wants to uplift each other
  • Great quality clientele
  • Social media exposure
  • Hands on continued education and mentoring
  • No strict dress code
  • Free and hassle free parking
  • You get to keep 100% of your tips unlike other sketchy places
  • Discounted on exclusive products
  • You can cuddle with our dogs on your break

We want you to not only succeed in your career, but succeed with personal goals in life and finance to find your own path of happiness and pay it forward.

For inquiry or questions, please call salon at (425)562-4768 or email You can attach your resume/cover letter.


This is a great opportunity for those that either have none or little salon experience that wants to assist our stylists in exchange to job shadow or learn new technical skills to better their career. Beauty school students or newer stylist to the industry are welcomed to apply, we need more help on the weekends and can use multiple people for this position. If you're still in school, we can work with your schedule. 

For inquiry or questions, please call salon at (425)562-4768 or email 

Contact Us

Please feel free to drop a comment or questions whether it's about business, being a Lotte hair model, or employment. We're also on social media with the links attached to the icons at the bottom of the page. Love you so much<333

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